Sebum-Control cleansers?

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Sebum-Control cleansers?

Post  lumpylipshaha on Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:46 am

So after a month of using CU-Skin im with everyone else (its a scam). I have started to use tretinoin 0.025% on Thursday it is now Tuesday still seems like the FS on my lips is spreading Sad On the internet you can purchase many Sebum-Control cleansers. Could this have any affect if you apply it to your lips? Im not fussed about them completely clearing up I just want these damn things to stop getting worse. I don't want my bottom lip completely covered like my top lip. Also has anyone ever taken Lactoferrin capsules or used Lactoferrin moisturiser this apparently does wonders for your immune system and I have read reports that it helps with acne and dry lips. Anyone ever used Lactoferrin? I went to see my doctor who didn't even know what SP was and wouldn't refer me to a dermo so seems like that road is closed for me. Also tretinoin dries my lips up what is a good non oil-based lip balm that I can apply? Not many people seem to use these forums any more. Has everyone bit the bullet and started using Acutane or something? Many thanks


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